James Griffiths

Center for Language and Cognition Groningen
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9700 AS Groningen
The Netherlands
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My PhD research forms part of the ERC-funded project Incomplete Parenthesis. I am investigating the syntax of comment and report clauses.

My research so far has concentrated on reduced parenthetical clauses. I have also worked on clausal ellipsis phenemona, specifically on the role of contrastive focus in predicting syntactic island obviation in fragment answers and sluices, and on how fragment answers provide a diagnostic for testing different accounts of how appositive relative clauses are syntactically related to their anchor.

I have also undertaken research on Turkish, examining fragment answers and 'ki'-clauses.

More generally, I am interested in sentential syntax (particularly clausal complementation and parataxis), elliptical phenomena, and the syntax-pragmatics interface.

My PhD advisors are Prof. Jan-Wouter Zwart and Dr. Mark de Vries.


2014.Ki issues in Turkish. To appear in Parenthesis and Ellipsis: Cross-Linguistic and Theoretical Perspectives, ed. by Kluck, M. E., Ott, D. & M. de Vries. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter. Joint paper with Güliz Güneş. [pdf]
2013.Speaker and quote reduced parenthetical clauses. To appear in Parenthetical Verbs, ed. by Schneider, S., Glikman, J. & M. Azanzi. Berlin: Mouton De Gruyter. [pdf]
2013.Parenthetical verb constructions, fragment answers, and constituent modification. To appear in Natural Language and Linguistic Theory. [pdf]
2013.The syntactic integration of appositives: evidence from fragments and ellipsis. Linguistic Inquiry, 44(2). Joint paper with Mark de Vries. [pdf]
2011.Contrast and island sensitivity in clausal ellipsis. To appear in Syntax. Joint paper with Anikó Lipták. [pdf]


2014Parentheticals, presupposition, and truth. Paper presented at the Taalkunde in Nederland-dag 2014. Utrecht, Feb 2014. Joint presentation with Mark de Vries. [handout]
2013Comment clauses and Turkish ki. Paper presented by invitation at the Comparative Syntax seminar. Leiden, Oct 2013. [handout]
2013Notes on ki. Paper presented at the S-Circle's Parentheticals workshop. Santa Cruz, April 2013. Joint presentation with Güliz Güneş. [handout]
2013Amalgamation in mitigator constructions. Paper presented at the Parenthesis and Ellipsis workshop of the 34th Annual Meeting of the German Society of Linguistics. Potsdam, March, 2013. [handout] [slides]
2012.Notes on Stacked Appositives. Paper presented at the syntax and semantics seminar. Groningen, NL. Joint presentation with Güliz Güneş. [handout]
2012.Fragment answers in Turkish. Paper presented at the 16th International Conference on Turkish Linguistics, Ankara, Sept 2012. Joint presentation with Güliz Güneş. [handout] [slides]
2012.The syntactic integration of appositive relative clauses: evidence from clausal ellipsis. Paper presented at TABU Dag 2012, Groningen, Jun 2012 [abstract] [slides]
2012.Remarks on alleged subject-oriented parenthetical constructions. Paper presented at Parenthétiques 2012, Paris, May 2012. [abstract] [handout]
2012.CP-modifying reduced parenthetical clauses. Paper presented at Taalkunde in Nederland-dag 2012, Utrecht, Feb 2012. [handout] [slides]
2011.What reduced parenthetical clauses might tell us about evidentiality and epistemic modality. Paper presented at the syntax and semantics seminar, Groningen, Nov 2011. [handout]
2011.Contrastivity in island repair: an argument for parallelism. Paper presented at Islands in Contemporary Linguistic Theory. Vitoria-Gasteiz, Nov 2011. Joint presentation with Anikó Lipták. [slides] [video]
2011.Embedded declarative fragments and the theory of sluicing in English. Presented at TABU Dag 2011, Groningen, June 2011. [prezi]
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2011.An analysis of embedded declarative fragments and their implications for the theory of sluicing. Ms. University of Groningen. [pdf]
2010.Clefts and TP-Ellipsis in English. MA thesis. Leiden, NL. [pdf].
(Although I no longer stand by the conclusion of this thesis, the data are still good. Please consult me before citing.)
2009.A grammar of Minangkabau. The product of MA fieldwork on the Minangkabau language of Sumatra.[rar].

Ongoing projects

The ParaCrawler database. ParaCrawler is a web application containing data from an ongoing cross-linguistic survey into paratactic phenomena. Its goal is to provide a comprehensive, theory independent collection of linguistic constructions and multilingual examples describing them. Along with the other members of the Incomplete Parenthesis project, I am involved in the design of system of classification used by ParaCrawler, and with imputing examples from English.

James Griffiths